Simple, transparent & affordable pricing for everyone.
We offer the best prices to suit small businesses, medium, and large organizations.
  • Payment Links
  • SquadPOS
  • USSD
  • Virtual Accounts
  • Local Transactions1.2%per transaction
    No setup cost
    Accept Mastercard, Visa, USSD and Bank transfer
    Fees per transaction capped at NGN 1,500
    International Transactions3.7%per transaction
    • No setup cost

    Sample Pricing CalculatorWonder how much it costs to use Squad? Enter any amount in the calculator below to find out.
    SQUAD FEES (1.2% + NGN 50)NGN 0.00
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is Squad?
    Squad is a payment solution that enables businesses and individuals from around the world to make and receive payments in a smarter and simpler way.
    How do I know if I am eligible to use Squad?
    You can use Squad to start receiving payments even if you are not a registered business.
    Do I need a developer to set up my account?
    No, you do not need a developer to set up your Squad account. Account set up is easy to understand and use.
    Are there extra charges for using Squad?
    There are no hidden charges. All charges are listed on our Pricing page.
    When would I get my money after payment is made to me?
    Your money would be credited to your merchant wallet within 24 hours after payment is made into your account.
    Can I use Squad even if I don’t have a website?
    Yes, you can use Squad even if you do not have a website. You can create products and generate payment links to send to your customers. Check out FAQs on Payment links to know how this works.
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