Payment Gateway

Quick. Easy. Reliable.

Give your customers the payment experience they deserve by integrating Squad’s seamless and secure gateway.
Scale your business with very little effort.
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The benefits of having a reliable and efficient payment gateway cannot be overemphasized. Squad’s payment gateway will not only make it easier for customers to pay you but will also reduce cases of abandoned carts, improve sales and boost customer loyalty.

Now, you can enable your local and international customers to choose their preferred payment method and increase your conversion rate.

Accept payments on any device through any channel

Get the most out of your online transactions by giving your customers what they deserve:
A quick and easy checkout experience without any friction.

Whether local or international, debit or credit, get paid securely by anyone from anywhere in the world.
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Even if your customers don’t have access to mobile banking or payment cards, you can still get paid instantly through your own dedicated USSD code from Squad.
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Receive online transfers from both international and local customers wherever they are.
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Advanced features for your business needs
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Squad uses advanced fraud detection tools to prevent fraudulent transactions and secure your customers’ data to avoid risks or blowbacks to your business.

Squad also offers you a simple integration to accept major payment methods and run your business as efficiently as possible. With a dashboard that is easy to understand and navigate, Squad gives you access to intuitive reports that help you understand your customers better.

Our testimonials

Very easy to sign up and start getting paid, it was also fast to start accepting payments.

Michael Sanni

Our customers have been blown away. Squad has made it much easier for our team to accept payments over the internet.

Tolulope Adekale

Overall, seamless experience and the pricing is just right, I no longer lose a lot on commissions. SquadPOS also helps me accept card payments anytime and anywhere.

Emeka Christopher

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Squad?
Squad is a payment solution that enables businesses and individuals from around the world to make and receive payments in a smarter and simpler way.
How do I know if I am eligible to use Squad?
You can use Squad to start receiving payments even if you are not a registered business.
Do I need a developer to set up my account?
No, you do not need a developer to set up your Squad account. Account set up is easy to understand and use.
Are there extra charges for using Squad?
There are no hidden charges. All charges are listed on our Pricing page.
When would I get my money after payment is made to me?
Your money would be credited to your merchant wallet within 24 hours after payment is made into your account.
Can I use Squad even if I don’t have a website?
Yes, you can use Squad even if you do not have a website. You can create products and generate payment links to send to your customers. Check out FAQs on Payment links to know how this works.
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