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I don’t know why I was debited
If you are unsure about a recent debit, please provide us with the details associated with the debit so we can investigate and assist you accordingly
Transaction failed but i was debited
If a transaction failed but you were still debited, please click here to provide additional information for our investigation and prompt resolution
I was debited but didn't get service
If you were debited but did not receive the expected service, please click here to share transaction details so we can promptly investigate the issue
I can’t login to my squad dashboard
Help us assist you better by sharing more information, and we'll work to resolve the problem immediately.
Squad Account Enquiries
Have general enquiries about your Squad account? Find information on account status, verification, limits, and more here
My account hasn’t been verified
If your account hasn't been verified, it might be due to incomplete documentation. Let us know your account status so we can help resolve it
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