Virtual Account

Seamlessly track and manage your payments with Squad virtual accounts

Level up your payment experience with instant credit confirmations, a user-friendly dashboard for monitoring your transactions in real-time, and automated reconciliation to improve your efficiency.

How it works

Receive in-person and online payments seamlessly and securely.


Access your virtual account number

After creating your Squad account and completing your KYC, you will be assigned an account number that you can copy and share with customers online or offline.


Share or display the number to customers

For easy payment collections, share your account number with your customers anywhere online, or write it out on display in your store for instant transfers.


Get Paid Instantly

Even with the economic cash crunch, your Squad virtual account helps you accept and offer quick, secure, and seamless payments. Funds deposited to your virtual account are paid out to your main bank account by the next settlement day.

Create Account

Copy & share to customers

Payment Received

NGN 20,000

Receive your funds in your verified bank account within 24 hours after transaction is made.

Sample Pricing Calculator

Wonder how much it costs to receive payments with our virtual account feature? Enter any amount in the calculator below to find out.

SQUAD FEES (0.01%)NGN 0.00

Benefits of using virtual account for your business

Create limitless NUBAN compliant virtual accounts for your business using our APIs.

Instant payment confirmations

Enjoy real-time confirmation of transactions to speed up your customers’ payment experiences in-store and online.

Multiple virtual accounts

Create multiple virtual account numbers to receive payments for your different outlets or businesses to ease your reconciliations.

Streamline reconciliation

Now, you can automate your reconciliation and trace funds that have been received from your different outlets or customers.

Instant settlements

Get your money fast. Squad transfers the funds in your virtual account into your wallet instantly.

Best alternative to receiving physical cash

Get paid anytime, anywhere, even when your customers do not have cash.

Affordable Fees

Affordable, transparent fees, no hidden charges.

You can also Integrate with our virtual account API

Our testimonials

"We decided to give Squad virtual accounts a try because we were having issues with payment confirmations. Now, we can easily track all our transactions from our other outlets, which has helped with our accounting processes and customer payment experiences."

Sweet Sensation

"As soon as we started using Squad, all our outlets could easily view payments and confirm them on the spot, and spool their statements for reports. This helped to make our accounting processes simpler and better."

So fresh

“It’s been great using Squad so far! All we do is share our payment details with customers after their hair is done, and they make instant transfers to us using virtual account or SquadPOS.”

Wondrous Hair